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Filling your home and hearts with all that is warm and cozy this holiday season and through out the year.


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Haven Decor


Welcome to Haven!  

Fresh, inspiring & beautiful products for you and your home.

We love finding unique items and sharing them with you.

There is always something for everyone on your list. Find fresh and unique products that will make your home a place you love to be in. Warm and uniquely yours.

Let's Create Your Haven! 

Wishing you all that is warm & cozy this holiday.

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I am so happy to have found your store!  LOVE everything in Haven. 

Chloe C.

My Favorite new Store. I always find the perfect gifts. <3

Amanda M.

When you're driving and you pass up this beautiful storefront you KNOW YOU HAVE TO TURN THE CAR AROUND AND GO BACK TO IT!!!

What a beautiful quaint store. I highly recommend coming here! Not just for the cute merchandise but the store owner herself. Such unique pieces and definitely a place to grab a gift for a friend. I can't wait to come back.

Thank you for having me.

Julie S.

A beautiful shop with many interesting finds.

Scott F.

Lovely visual delights and sweet owner Mara has a discerning and playful approach to decor.

Teresa Q.